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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
We use to scan order using the barcode on the packing slip and it use to pull up the order directly, now on V3 we need to go to the scan section in order to do that ? can this process be the same in V2 it's much easier when you have so many orders to fulfill.
First-timer (legacy)
In the old layout I was able to Scan to View from the orders tab and create a label from there. In the new layout I'm unable to do this. I understand this feature has not yet been fully implemented. So, here's a vote towards getting this implemented in the near future. I've resorted back to the old layout for now. Thanks
Status changed to: Completed

ShipStation recently added the Scan to View feature into the new layout, so you can now scan the Scan to View barcode anywhere in the interface to pull up the order's details.


Thanks for your patience!


Thanks SuperMgr-Sarah. I can scan to verify the barcodes on my items but for some reason, the barcode label on the packing slip won't scan and bring up the order. Any tips here.