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Delivered - Add an order status of delivered. If you're already polling to get data on the carrier status to show the delivered icon in the UI, it shouldn't be hard to write a line to push it to the Shipstation order table in MySQL to have the status 'Delivered'. For integrations and api users, this would be super ideal. Plus add a webhook for this. Webhooks are extremely lacking, and then for the webhooks, a resource_url is not useful. Look at stripe and how they handle their webhooks. A lot could be learned from how they handle their webhooks, The current implementation is extremely inefficient for integrations.
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Yeah as soon as my team has a bit of down time we're migrating away from shipstation as fast as we can. There's so many bugs and issues using shipstation that would be so easy to solve for them


I've also posted about this simple change in another request. If you combined all the similar requests (I'm sure there are more) into one larger request, I bet ShipStation would see this request is a much larger issue for their customers.

I'm beside myself to see just how slow ShipStation is in improving its system. I suspect they don't want to implement this because they want to force us to use their email and messaging system for shipment delivery.

This feature is especially important when it comes to requesting customer reviews, which is ideally dependent on a Delivered Status update. Google and other search engines won't accept a review as a legitimate review unless it comes from a verified 3rd party and ShipStation isn't one of them. Sorry, but I'd rather keep all marketing efforts inhouse and not use their internal system for that kind of customer outreach. 

ShipStation, please implement this request so we can grow our businesses and ship more products. You already have the data and pushing that order status back to our sales channels really wouldn't be all that difficult. 

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Even though we do everything on Shipstation we pay for a single API connection to Shippo just for delivery status because shipstation, despite showing delivery status in their user interface and internal text messaging system, won't make it available on the API. This seems like fixing an oversight versus a feature request.

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We need this feature



This feature is a must have! I really suggest Shipstation release this, especially as a webhook. I understand the need for a resource url when it comes to orders and shipments, but for a tracking update per tracking number, it would be nice to get the data right away.

In reality there are only a few key features that keep us loyal to Shipstation. From a business perspective, I believe at least, it would significantly benefit Shipstation against it's competitors. It puts a big resource burden on the customer to integrate with 3rd parties to get these critical features. I would rather pay extra monthly to Shipstation to have this, as it would be more cost effective on my side.


@dan2 How is your experience using Shippo for tracking updates? I went over their documentation and it seems to be a good solution for now. Just curious if you are still using it and if there are an issues with them? I'd really appreciate your help.