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Hello there


I have a suggestion. Not sure if this is something that can be done or if there is a software out there that does this already, but this one thing would make my process so much easier when fulfilling my orders.


I sell greetings cards which I print off (from a pdf on my laptop) and send out to customers. My current process looks like this:


1. Orders come into ship station

2. I print off a pick list

3. I use the pick list to print off the PDF's files on my laptop

4. I print the labels and place them on envelopes

5. I match the printed card to the order on ship station and place a 'packed' tag on the order to ensure I don't miss any


I would really really like it if there was an option to upload a pdf version of the product on the products tab. When each order comes in, you can select the orders and it will amalgamate the orders into a downloadable pdf (in the same way you can amalgamate shipping labels).


I then print the cards from one downloaded file.


This would save me sooooo much time! If ship station is not able to do this, do you know of any other software that can do something like this?


Many thanks