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Our warehouse loves using Shipstation, but we've encountered 2 circumstances where we think new features could be a big help in terms of efficiency.


1) Multi-package presets - 99% of our orders are multi package, but you can only select a preset box for the first package. After that, each box's dimensions need to be added manually which slows down the warehouse while they look through a spreadsheet for the dims.

   - would LOVE to see a preset package drop down in the multi package window!


2) Automation rules - almost all of our orders are multi product, but automation rules only work for single item shipments. We have lots of items that ship in a static package (ex. a box of product X will always ship in a certain box with the same weight and dims), but the automation rules NEVER work since single product orders are almost nonexistent for us.

    - automation rules that apply to any order (within the criteria of course) would be a big time saver!


Thank you for attending my TED Talk!