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Status: New

Printing labels and packslips in SKU A-Z order will only currently work if you have only 1 SKU on the order. Any Multi-sku order will print in a completely random order. If a new sort feature could be added to allow printing labels and packslips in order of "First SKU on Packslip A-Z", that would organize my packing slips and labels so that they can be divided among my workers and they can go to different parts of the warehouse where those SKUs are kept. 

For instance, I don't want to have my workers going to every row in my warehouse to find the SKUs on their orders and I don't have the time to physically sort the packslips by first SKU and send those batches of orders to the spot in the warehouse where picking would begin. For instance I can have a bunch of orders that start with skus 1000, 1001, 1002, 5000, 5001, 5002. I don't want to have to separate the 1000s from the 5000s so that I can send the 5000s to the row in the warehouse where they are kept. Without the feature to sort my print by "First SKU on Packslip A-Z", my operations are severely impacted.