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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We would like to be able to run reports by master SKU. We use many aliases under 1 master SKU. sometimes up to 15 aliases per SKU. We have about 500 master SKUs. Sometimes we don't want to see all that data. We run this report most often: Shipments > Shipped Items > A list of items shipped during a specified date range summarized by SKU. We would love to be able to run this report by the master SKU instead of seeing every alias in the report.
Status changed to: Investigating
Occasional Contributor

Yes, this is a huge problem for us as well that I've just noticed.  I've spent hours making aliases that point to a Master SKU, but when I run the report, the Aliases are showing in the SKU Column of the report.  This is not good at all.  


Even just being able to export the "Fulfillment SKU" as a quick workaround would help.  I'd have to go in and add fulfillment sku's for all of the product variations, but at least I'd have usable data.