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We would like to suggest a mobile enabled version of return processing for our warehouse operation. Currently ShipStation allows for the creation of return labels so that a consumer can initiate a return for a variety of reasons. This is great however, it doesn’t complete the cycle. We need a way for our warehouse team to be able to catalog these returns once they reach our facility so that they can be restocked or destroyed. We need this same functionality for cataloging undeliverable carrier returns. Our clients require weekly or monthly reporting of returns. Right now, we need to do this manually. It would be ideal if this information could be recorded via the SS mobile app. We envision this process to work by either scanning a carrier tracking number or order number when a return is received. The app would then display the original order details.The warehouse could then select the items physically returned, enter qty returned, record the condition and capture images if needed. All of this return data would be held in SS and would be accessible in a returns view, much like shipped orders, shipments,etc. The view would have the same field and filter options as well. The data would also be exportable. 


This feature could be a billable add-on to the SS platform and maybe another revenue stream for you client base.