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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
If we could text the phone number provided in the order their shipping information so they can continue to track their own package.
Aftership is a good way to accomplish this but would be so sweet if it was simply integrated into Shipstation. Frustrating to have to pay for another service. ShipStation, we love you, but please put this on your development roadmap as it would make your product more valuable.
Shipstation is for the most part a great solution. However, they are living in the stone age and completely ignoring customer feedback with regard to two features: 1) SMS shipment confirmation, and 2) identifying the individual products on a pick list that roll up into a "group" or "bundle" product that you would normally sell on an e-com site. I tried ShippingEasy to get the group product feature thanks to its more robust Product Catalog capabilities. Unfortunately, ShippingEasy is inferior to ShipStation in every other way. They are both owned by Stamps, so it makes no sense that ShipStation refuses to improve its product catalog to support group products.
First-timer (legacy)
I now use someone who can do custom software integration for this, for sending both tracking info and delivery notifications, and the sms text can be customized with relevant shipping information. It's helping save a ton of shipping errors as well as increase customer satisfaction. You can contact me via and I'll connect you.
First-timer (legacy)
Sms delivery notifications are crucial in the time of covid-19. Due to contactless delivery and the fact that carriers no longer offer signature delivery, many of our packages that have a delivery notification land up being stolen from customers front steps. What recourse do we have now? Carrier says delivered and isn't liable. Customer says I want my product I didn't get it. With an SMS delivery notification customers can know to immediately retrieve packages left on porch or front door. I am dissatisfied shipstation is not implementing this to help merchants reduce losses and improve customer satisfaction. Email marketing and customer communication is fast becoming out dated and shipstation used to be the leader but you are now lagging. Please fix, and I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know!
First-timer (legacy)
Ditto I get asked every week, why we can't send a text alert that their package has been delivered. Please add this feature now.
First-timer (legacy)
I would love this capability! Is this a thing yet for ShipStation? You would think after 5 years that it would be implemented
First-timer (legacy)
We use Aftership for our SMS delivery notifications. While it's expensive, it's a huge value add for our customers. Highly recommend.
First-timer (legacy)
Instead of the customer having to click on the branded tracking link, then register for SMS for each shipment, it would be great to have something built into the checkout page where the customer can accept or sign up for those notifications there. Or at least allow sellers to build it and be able to tie the SMS notifications approval to each order through API. It seems like it's currently a tedious process for a customer to sign up for SMS notifications since they have to go to an external link to do so.
First-timer (legacy)
Any way to be able to set a date range and see how many customers opted in for the SMS notifications on the branded tracking page? Not looking to get too deep here - just a quick number up to management "hey x number of people opted in for the SMS notifications" since ecommerce and text seems to be getting mainstream in popularity.
First-timer (legacy)
Please allow Canadian Accounts access to use the SMS shipment notification via the Branded Tracking page.