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It would be great if we were able to scan product bin locations directly in ShipStation by scanning the item UPC/Barcode( assuming its already been added to products) and scanning a corresponding bin location bar code. Ideally having this feature added to the app so it can be done using a phone or tablet, would be amazing. The picklist would show the location of the items and it would help us avoid having to integrate another system for us to be batching in. 

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New Contributor

I second the idea of scanning bin locations directly in ShipStation. Currently, during the "Move Stock" process, the system only recognizes the first digits (Area) of the bin location but not the complete format (Area, Unit, Shelf, Bin). It would greatly improve efficiency if we could scan and recognize the full location details. Has anyone found a workaround for this, or could this feature be implemented? This would be incredibly helpful for streamlining our inventory management process.