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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Ability to Scan and Verify the UPC code of the product get shipped for the individual order. So, this will eliminate the WRONG item being shipped and Wrong Quantity being shipped. Also "Ship Order" button activates only when the right product(s) is scanned and right quantity is scanned for the order. Products that does not come with UPC may be shipped by manually entering item SKU in the barcode scan field.
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Just wondering if you made any progress on this feature yet.
I'm amazed that this feature is not in Shipstation. Maybe call it Partial Shipstation? Let's hope the new feature rolls out the same time that UPS does their yearly rate increase in 2020. For us Shipstation has worked very well. We look forward to the Scan and Verify.
First-timer (legacy)
Will this feature also work with EAN (European Article Number) which is very similar to UPC? We are in the makeup business and a lot of our European brands use EAN.
First-timer (legacy)
One of the main reason we want to switch to V3 is the Bar-code scanner. However, the current workflow for the scanner is a major issue. We ship one item at a time from the order page. The issue with V3 is that in order to utilize the scanner, we need to go to a different tab every time "Scan tab" and enter the order number. That creates too many steps and reduce efficiency. I was expecting to have the scan feature on the order page with a verify button on each order when selected that triggers the scanner process. Or scanning the barcode would be the trigger to the scan operation. The current workflow would not work for us
First-timer (legacy)
It would be great to have a scan to verify feature on the shipstation app. Or even a smooth picking system somewhere integrated on the orders tab to allocate/assign pick jobs with corresponding orders. To ensure the right item ordered is going out correctly to minimize errors.