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Hello there,


I hope I'm posting this in the correct place... We are a retail store store carrying 52,000+ UPCs and growing. Generally we have about 100-150 orders per day at the moment. Our routine in the morning is print a pick list and go grab everything then bring it back to our shipping warehouse and proceed to ship and repeat that process all day. Well we're running into issues where people get into the groove of pulling a certain product then we get an order for a similar product with similar packaging and they pull and ship the wrong product. That's what has led us to Scan to Verify options, but we don't necessarily want to print out every packing slip or pull each order individually. Essentially, I want an employee to be able to print a pick list with a barcode at the top and they can scan that barcode as they leave the warehouse and then when they are picking from our retail shelves they scan each UPC code to verify it's on the pick list.