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i would like shipstation to be able to choose the cheapest shipping method for each order that comes in. currently, i use UPS & USPS and i have to manually select between the 2 services to see which one is cheaper. this process is very time consuming and needs to be done on an order by order basis. i would like shipstation to automatically upload the cheapest shipping method so i can print all the labels at once.
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AMEN - I been bringing this up prior as well! 


I agree, it is time consuming to check for the cheapest rate. I think if we can set a rule for the weight and size of the package - and that the customer hasn't requested a specific service, that Shipstation should be able to check between two chosen services - like USPS Priority or UPS Sure Post - for the best rate.



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How about an automation option using Rate.  With this allowed then you can have an automation of if its more than X amount, ship this way.  Or Less and or equal to, ship this way.

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I'm interested. 

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@Moderator-Davis is there any progress report available for this work? At one point we were informed that this would be released in March of 2022. 

Hey there @KMM


No updates are available at this time. Should any news arise, i'll post here to keep us all on the same page. 🙂 


Hi, I've developed a tool to automatically select the cheapest carrier and package type in ShipStation. You can take a look at how it works in this loom video:

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can go to to register. 


I love the list idea of seeing 

Service A _____ $__.__
Service B _____ $__.__
Service C _____ $__.__

And being able to choose one, rather than toggling between the different options.

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We're using String ( - they literally solve this exact problem.

Highly recommend! The founder is a great guy too; super helpful in getting you set up.


When it comes to getting the best shipping service and package selection on orders that come into Shipstation, our company found that using String was incredibly beneficial for us. Before using String, our fulfillment team had to manually check every rate for a given package that they had to figure out or guess themselves on many of our incoming orders - String solved ALL of that! Now our orders come in and get the best service/package selected based on the contents of the order and the customer's destination, and it has expedited our entire fulfillment process. The String team is phenomenal in how they solve these issues. I would highly recommend using them for anyone who has ran into the same shipping nightmares! 👍