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When processing labels manually, SS has no way to allow it's client the option of updating customers records to input a new address. ONLY if you are in the process of creating a label can you enter a new address. So if a customer advises his new address but does not have a pending order that requires a label, I guess we are suppose to keep a list somewhere of all these customers with new addresses and then check our list each time we do a new label to see if that customer has a new address for us to use. That's crazy. I understand the workaround is to export all our records to excel every time we get a new address then import them back to SS. Seems labor intensive to do this every time a customer provides a new address. It would be so much easier if you would allow your client the option of manually updating a customers record in SS when necessary so the database is current. Please fix this so we don't have to continually deal with returned mail and upset customers.
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