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Occasional Contributor
Status: Completed
Have option to refresh scan screen after order marked as verified. We use the Scan to Verify and Scan to Print options in our fulfillment process. However, we have three different stations set up for this. At the beginning of the line, an employee scans the packing slip and then proceeds to scan the items to verify the order. It then gets boxed and packaged by the following employee. The third employee scans the packing slip again for the scan to print option and creates the shipping label. The issue is, the first employee verifying the order has to manually click in the search bar after verifying a shipment to proceed to the next one. Is there a way to set the workflow to where after an order is "marked as verified" the scan screen refreshes? Similar to the scan to print option after the shipment is created.
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Occasional Contributor
I agree with this feedback. We would also like the ability to add employee names in V3 so when a package enters scan to verify or scan to print, ShipStation saves the corresponding employee / associate name with the package so we can identify who is responsible for the order. Our employees commonly use a unique 4 digit PIN. Also, we would like the ability to exclude shipments from USPS SCAN form from the V3 Scan to Print workflow. Sometimes we have to acknowledge an order per Amazon and provide a tracking number, however the shipment may not be ready to enter the mail stream just yet.