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i would like shipstation to be able to choose the cheapest shipping method for each order that comes in. currently, i use UPS & USPS and i have to manually select between the 2 services to see which one is cheaper. this process is very time consuming and needs to be done on an order by order basis. i would like shipstation to automatically upload the cheapest shipping method so i can print all the labels at once.
New Contributor

AMEN - I been bringing this up prior as well! 


I agree, it is time consuming to check for the cheapest rate. I think if we can set a rule for the weight and size of the package - and that the customer hasn't requested a specific service, that Shipstation should be able to check between two chosen services - like USPS Priority or UPS Sure Post - for the best rate.




How about an automation option using Rate.  With this allowed then you can have an automation of if its more than X amount, ship this way.  Or Less and or equal to, ship this way.