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i would like shipstation to be able to choose the cheapest shipping method for each order that comes in. currently, i use UPS & USPS and i have to manually select between the 2 services to see which one is cheaper. this process is very time consuming and needs to be done on an order by order basis. i would like shipstation to automatically upload the cheapest shipping method so i can print all the labels at once.
First-timer (legacy)
This has been a topic on this board for over 3 years. Can ShipStation add this as a feature please! Is ShipStation working on it? Thank you.
First-timer (legacy)
I switch between both my UPS carriers hours every week selecting between shipping accounts for every order which is cheaper because of weight, size or location. Every order is at least 5 dollars difference just between the 2 UPS accounts we have. Have been doing it for months and is getting really old.
First-timer (legacy)
That would be a create idea if the system will automatically pick the lowest shipping cost for the shipment after you configure shipping weight and dimensions both from main order screen and scan screen Thank you
This is key reason I am leaving ShipStation. One would think this would be biz 101 for shipping, have a automated rate selection based on coast, speed and carrier % of on time delivery to that zip code.
First-timer (legacy)
Please make sure the rate comparison is included at the scan feature. Every day we spend hours once weight from the scale is loaded and the box size is verified to see which carrier is the least expensive and the transit days. I can look at it in orders but there is no scan feature so the order number has to be entered manually and additional steps have to be taken once you select the carrier options to see rates and ship it. This should be top on the list. Lots of wasted hours looking up rates. Thank you for the message above that you have considered it please make sure it is included in the scan feature ASAP. Thanks Mike
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Would be great if shipstation could select the best rate/service out of the ones you have activated. If one carrier is cheaper then allocate it to that one, if you want the fastest always not matter the cost then if you could set that as well.
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This will be great. Need to be able to over ride with automation things such as hazardous materials that can be put into a filter
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Make it possible to default to the least expensive shipping option with branded returns portal, or at least have the option to default to original shipment method. Been having customers not able to create a shipping label because it it over the weight of first class.
Time is money. Pick a preferred shipper, negotiate a discount, and ship that way always. The $5 you saved on shipping you spent on labor trying to sort the cheapest option out.
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making a rule that will automatically assign the order to the cheapest carrier