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First-timer (legacy)
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It would be great for ShipStation to send an email whenever the status of an open shipment changes to "Delivery Exception" or another undeliverable status. This would eliminate the need to manually check the delivery status or retroactively dealing with an upset customer contacting us because an order hasn't shown up. It would also allow the customer see immediately that there is an issue with shipment and perhaps troubleshoot it on his/her own. Our packages are also time sensitive so figuring out why a package can't be delivered as fast as possible would be helpful! This would be a HUGE time saver and great peace of mind for us and the customers, plus potentially save us some customer service headaches along the way.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes! We need this! Our deliveries are time sensitive and the sooner we know about issues the better we can support our customers. I agree also with Alex; if a shipping label was made a few days ago and still isn't scanned into the system I would really like an alert. All too often USPS completely loses our boxes and they are never scanned.
Please please consider implementing this functionality! I ship memorial jewelry and ashes so I need to obsessively check my shipments to make sure there are no delivery exceptions... It would be a huge time save to have emails automatically sent out to my customers (or even just an alert of the delivery exception on shipstation so I can pick up on these situations before too much time has passed). It seems like this is a standard notification option on the usps website, so why not just include it into shipstation as well?
First-timer (legacy)
This would help us manage our marketplace metrics. In particular our SFP metrics. As we'd be able to tell customers of issues with time-sensitive orders. We'd be able to let Amazon know on orders that were affected by an exception. We could also refine our decisions in choosing signatures on orders for SFP.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, please add this feature and ASAP! This has been an ongoing issue since we adopted ShipStation. btw - We love the software!
A feature that alerts us to packages that are not delivered within a certain time frame would be excellent! Help us get out in front of the issue rather than receiving a nasty phone call from a customer. Please Please!!!
First-timer (legacy)
Absolutely essential to my business.
First-timer (legacy)
This would have a huge, positive impact on our business. Our packages require an adult signature and are constantly in delivery exception for missed delivery attempts. Additionally we have a fragile product that our carrier tends to damage. Our customers need to be aware of either of these cases as soon as possible so they can receive their package or notify our support team. Manually auditing and emailing at our volume is impractical. Please consider implementing this asap!
First-timer (legacy)
This feature would be a huge asset for keeping our customers in the loop. We relied on this alert system in the past when shipping through the carrier directly and now it has become a challenging to manage since we transitioned to ShipStation. We switched to ShipStation to save on manual labor and to efficiently manage our orders. Having this feature available would eliminate excess time spent following up or potentially dealing with an upset customer. Thank you!
First-timer (legacy)
Due to the Australian bushfires, our freight carriers are experiencing longer than normal shipping times. Unfortunately, our customers don't take this into account and seem to think it's our fault for the slow transit times and are giving us bad reviews based on this.. To get on top of this, we hoping Ship Station can setup a system where it notifies us if a package hasn't been delivered with a set delivery window. So we can then get in contact with the freight carrier to find out what's happening and then convey the delay details to the customer.
First-timer (legacy)
Please do all of these things! Also have the ability to reship the order easily.