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We need to compensate for the cost of insurance on our shipping costs. How do we include this? We charge a 50% insurance for every shipment over $200.
Currently, ShipStation doesn't regulate charging customers. All matters including charging customers and how much to charge will be configured outside of ShipStation, but Shipstation calculates the insurance rate & offers shipping options to the customer as they are connected we need Shipstation to add to the cost the amount of the insurance that is a Shipstation issue, not Shopify issue Shopify has no way of knowing the cost of the insurance, Shipstation does.   The shipping options feature only includes checkout rates, not insurance. When it comes to charging customers for insurance, ShipStation isn't able to assist with that.  There is no way for Shopify to know without Shipstation telling it what the insurance will be.  Shopify can't calculate something it has no information on
When we select add insurance, & on the drop down we select carrier, and for all orders over $200 we add 50% so a $200 order gets $100 insurance.  For every $100 insurance it goes up on our end by $3.75 for standard shipping
it is more for the others like the overnight or international economy.  We use FedEx, customers aren't paying this insurance... we eat that advancement on shipping costs every time.  We need this insurance cost to be added to what the customer pays for shipping, & be included in suggested shipping rates.