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We use Shopify B2B, and some of our customers are set up with Net30 accounts.

We will need to have some orders move to Awaiting Shipment that can not be marked as paid in advance in Shopify. If we mark them as paid in ShipStation, it will move them to Awaiting Shipment, without the customer wrongly seeing that their order has actually been paid for.

If we do not mark the order as shipped within 24 hours, or if we make any edit to the order, it will revert back to Awaiting Payment, and causes a significant amount of manual order management that creates a lot of room for error.

If there is any way that an order can sit in Awaiting Shipment but not reload back to Awaiting Payment for any reason, that would be incredibly helpful.


Same issue. Any resolution?


I'm also doing Shopify B2B and have customers on net terms. I mark the order as paid but enter $0.00 into all fields then process the order.

Would be great to have a store setting to force orders to Awaiting Shipment .