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Those of us that use the rate calculator will notice how it's usefulness has been gutted in the new layout. Not only this but the drop down menu for each order for service and package no longer allows you to see all the choices. According to support the only way to see the choices for USPS flat rate, regional rate, etc are to use the rate calculator outside the order screen. This is the one where you manually enter all data to get a rate idea, then have to find your order and manually apply it.

The legacy layout showed ALL options in the rate calculator along with ALL options in the drop down on a per order basis. There is no longer a simple and efficient way to add USPS Flat Rate or Regional Rate options to your orders. Please add these back to the rate calculator or at the very least make them options in the drop down for each order. 



Hi @info799 , yes unfortunately the new rate calculator is pretty convoluted and doesn't show all of the different carriers and package types. We actually had the same problem and spent so much time toggling between different carriers to check the rates that we developed a tool to automate the process. We actually just released that tool for public use as well. You can take a look at it at


I think you may be able to do what you're looking to accomplish by setting the proper conditions and inputting USPS flat rate envelope or even the regional rates as part of the rates for the tool to consider. Then, when you run the tool, it will automatically apply the cheapest rate to the order of your choosing. Effectively saving you the hassle of flipping between all of the carriers.


Let me know if this helps!





I'm sure this is lovely, but why should we pay an additional $75 a month for what we used to get from ShipStation for $29?  We aren't asking for a new feature- we're asking for what used to work to work again.


@sequins this isn’t a new tool - it’s a chrome extension that works right on top of Shipstation. 

Shipstation doesn’t offer this feature natively. I understand the price point isn’t for everyone. We largely work with companies that do at least 100 packages a day. At that capacity, not only will the tool absolutely pay for itself in finding you shipping savings but it also comes in at roughly 2cents a shipment. 

We offer a 14 day free trial. Check it out. I’d love to give you a demo so you can see it for yourself! You can schedule it right on the homepage of our website.