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Hi ShipStation Community,


We are new to ShipStation and are enjoying the efficiencies the platform provides.  


One problem we have come across however is the inability to split ship an order with a single SKU and a qty of 1.  This might sound a little counter intuitive, however, we have several bundle products and whilst these look to ShipStation as 1 product they are actually many products and need to be shipped on separate labels.  


It is possible to create a second label once one label has been created but this has the problem of not updating the market places with both labels and thus creates unnecessary manual entry. 


The other approach would be to import the line items of the bundles which should be possible through our WooCommerce store.  In-fact, the plugin 'WooCommerce Product Bundles' exports line items to our accounting package Xero, however when the bundle is imported into ShipStation it appears as a single SKU with metadata explaining the items in the bundle below


We also have these bundles being imported from eBay, which as a platform does not allow the same product bundling (with individual SKU lines for the bundle) as far as I can tell.  


All in all, it would be great if the system would allow all orders to be split-shipped. 


Do let me know if I am missing something or can provide greater clarity. 

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