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When importing orders into ShipStation, it's required to have properly set state/territory name to be two letter abbreviation, for example TX instead of Texas, to avoid other issues down the road. This was implemented due to the fact that some carriers require it this way. Recently implemented address correction feature in ShipStation was meant to mitigate that issue. This feature modifies the state full name to an abbreviation. It doesn't do this for when the return label is created though causing serious issues (not just error messages) with the whole process - resulting even with sending back an incorrect tracking number for the labels created. ShipStation suggests to ask our developers to modify our APIs and such to modify full states/territories to the two letter abbreviations before sending it to ShipStation for fulfillment. What's the point of all the customers facing similar issues to use their resources to meet the requirements that ShipStation is facing with their carriers? Can just ShipStation implement it properly on their side and save their customers the issues? Isn't it better to implement it where it's required once, than implement it thousands of times by all the affected customers in their systems?