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Hello Shipstation,

The vast majority of our products are multiple packages. The functionality that you have already implemented of saving the information of multiple packages in Package Set is amazing. It is one of the biggest benefits for our operations. My only suggestion is to create the possibility of including this Package Set in the automation rules. Currently it is possible to create automation rules only for single boxes (not Package Set).

Please help me 🙂


I just got on here to make the same thread you made. Can we please get this. I sell bundles of products, but I am thinking what if there is a furniture company out there that sells dining rooms sets or bedroom sets. When I order stuff from Wayfair, or tiles for example from a tile company they all ship with package sets. Shipstation would easily get so much business if they added this feature.


So simple


If Custom Label Contains XXX apply preset or apply package set and you're done!




Furniture company here – came here to say exactly what the above comment mentioned. The vast majority of our products ship in 4+ boxes which we have custom Package Sets created for, but needing to select them manually every time is incredibly time-intensive and not practical for our order volume.


If Package Set automation is not possible for whatever reason, being able to Bulk Update for Package Sets would be the next best option. But again, only singular boxes are able to be chosen for the Bulk Update feature.

Please please add either Package Set automation (by product type) or the ability to choose Package Sets using the Bulk Update tool!

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Bump - this request would be very helpful.