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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
We have a few websites that sell products to wholesalers. For example we will sell a case of a single SKU. Each case has 12 units. It would be nice if SS could allow us to setup virtual bundles that deducted multiple units of a single SKU.
'@xenolabs, Love to!
First-timer (legacy)
Yes please
First-timer (legacy)
'@xenolabs we are also interested.
First-timer (legacy)
'@xenolabs Chirs, we'd also be very interested in trying out your custom plugin.
First-timer (legacy)
Adding support for bundled or kitted products in on our 2021 roadmap for Product Record improvements. We will update this and other related posts when we have completed work on this. Thank you for all your feedback!
First-timer (legacy)
This is something we have been asking for with a different twist. We take multiple skus and bundle them into a new sku for a discounted price. When the new sku comes to ship station there is no way to break it into the multiple products so that the customs declaration has all of the individual products that make up that one sku. So we have to enter all the customs declarations manually. Would love to see this support by Shipstation
In support of Scott Aulds Emissary Ventrues comment, we second the need to be able to split a bundled SKU into its components so as to automatically populate customs declaration fields with individual product info. This is a must for international shipping! Thanks.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi this was planned 2 years ago, any updates?
First-timer (legacy)
This feature would bring a lot of value to your customers. Right now, there's not a clear way to manage inventory for kitted items.
First-timer (legacy)
This should definitely already be implemented, I don't understand how customers vote on things, and yet somehow things that are much lower on votes get developed before what everyone is asking for?