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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Increasingly, foreign countries are passing legislation that requires certain customs numbers or codes to be included on packages, either identify the individual customer so tax can be collected, or identifying the marketplace that has already collected and remitted taxes. Some examples: Individual Brazil - CPF / CPNJ South Korea - PCCC Italy - CF / PEC China - Resident ID Marketplace Australia - ABN Norway - VOEC Shipstation doesn't currently support any of this natively. There is no warning when shipping an order to these countries, there is no field to put this data, you're required to make your own workaround by just adding it manually to the company line of the address. Even worse, Shipstation address verification will often strip this information out entirely. The only advice given is to turn off address verification, which is not ideal. Shipstation should be ahead of the curve and natively support these new changes to global shipping requirements. I'd expect a company whose focus is on shipping to be on the leading edge, keeping track of these new requirements and making sure that Shipstation users are compliant and not wasting time or money sending shipments that are not compliant and will create headache on the back end.
New Contributor
It is mandatory for orders that shipped to Europe to add ABN / VOEC / IOSS number and order providers like Amazon and eBay already have such functionality. Without supporting this functionality in Shipstation API and UI we need to create custom solutions that not always best solution. Please add this functionality to synchronize information from Amazon and eBay about ABN / VOEC / IOSS number and Shipstation.
First-timer (legacy)
As stated this is now mandatory and Shipstation should prioritize this immediately. Would love a feature to filter and automate pre-defined ioss / vat numbers etc on import. Missing support for adding ABN. Somewhat related - please also add amazon marketplaces such as Netherlands, Sweden & Poland.
New Contributor

We need ABN number for Australia urgently.

New Contributor

We still need ABN and ARN Tax ID options for Australia urgently. FedEx requires this information to go into the "Department Notes" field of the commercial invoice.

Occasional Contributor

As everyone said its mandatory so it needs to be done