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I think that its essential that Product info should be synced with WooCommerce vs having to add in items invdividually  and have to manually update things here vs. having information float over. 


Example I just changed what is "perishable" on our site - via a category tag in WooCommerce and also a shipping flag in our system in WooCommerce as well. 


Instead of that tag floating to park it as perishable in Shipstation, I have to manually update my products in Shipstation instead. A lot of time wasted ๐Ÿ˜•

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I totally agree, but for Shopify. I have to fill in a CSV doc with thousands of lines to provide Shipstation with information that is already in Shopify. Since Shipstation is already pulling from Shopify, it does not make sense to have to input all of that information over again.
In my case this is information necessary for customs clearance, so HS code, product weight, customs description, customs value etc.