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First-timer (legacy)
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There should be a way to manually change shipments from IN TRANSIT to DELIVERED. I have packages that have been delivered (confirmed by the recipients) but USPS has "lost" track of them so they are permanently and incorrectly listed as IN TRANSIT.
First-timer (legacy)
Agree! I had an order that I had to ship outside of Shipstation so I manually marked it as Shipped but can't manually mark it as delivered... Doesn't seem very logical and now I am stuck with a perpetual In Transit shipment that I know was delivered over a month ago...
First-timer (legacy)
I've got a few orders left in my Delivery Exceptions, which I've discovered have actually made it to their destination. However, there is no way to mark them as "delivered" or "Fulfilled" or whatever. I would like to clear the Delivery Exceptions so I am not just checking the same two orders over and over again. Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
Requests for this feature appear to go back several years. Please add this feature. The USPS doesn't always accurately mark packages as delivered, and I can't clear shipments that customers have verified they've received. They're perpetually listed as in transit.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be nice to have a feature/a way to internally change shipment status, or to note when a shipment label is no longer being used. An internal way to note that another label was made and delivered, or to update the tracking/shipping status without having to have shipping/tracking status updated by contacting the carrier. For example, if a new label has been created for a previous shipment and is successfully delivered with the new label, the old shipment just sits in the log with an alert for "delivery exception", etc. The only place I see for making an internal note is in the Order portion, but a "note" symbol does not show up on the shipments log for that Order number. It would be nice for maintaining an accurate shipment log.
First-timer (legacy)
I have Orders in the transit page that are so old they will not update and show as delivered. Talking 2016 old. The transit page is hard to use when I have so many orders that are pointless. The page works great when you can see an anomaly of an order stuck in shipment. If we could add a way to delete them manually that would be amazing maybe a way to archive or set them to delivered.
There are times where a shipment does not show as delivered on the "shipped/in transit" even though when you click on the tracking number it shows as delivered. There should be a way to manually update it as it's clogging up our tracking area.
First-timer (legacy)
Why can't this be done Shipstation? I have over 26 orders showing "In Transit" that have been clearly delivered. They even say delivered on USPS tracking. Shipstation should have a way to mark these items as delivered manually or even delete them just to get them off the in transit page. The least you could do is the ability's to add a note to the in transit page. I can then put a note to say that the order was delivered and not have to sort though them.
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