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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Track Customer Order Frequency. Have the ability to place rules, report on the number of orders a customer has placed. For example: Joe has placed 3 orders, he receives a free gift. Adding a step to that, the frequency a particular item/sku gets ordered.
First-timer (legacy)
When scrollling over the recipient name in the Orders section, the information is in the system regarding the history of number of orders an individual has placed. We need this number placed into a column for sorting orders and printing.
Occasional Contributor
This is extremely important. We need to be able to pull repeat customers and offer them to bulk discounts to buy outside of the big channels. Now we try to run the mouse over every customer to see "orders in the last 12 m" but it is not always possible to check, another issue is when a customer buys something and complains and returns it. We don't want him to just buy it again. Sometimes people buy on Amazon and don't realize it is the same seller. So if they thought the item was the wrong fit. It will not get better the second time.
First-timer (legacy)
"Russell Saks Campus Protein commented · December 16, 2015 11:57 · basically if a customer is new and it is marked on the packing slip we can give them a first time use coupon and other marketing materials in the package for first time customers." YES!!! Is there no way to do this!?
First-timer (legacy)
It would be nice to have a) the rule (Customer Orders count is = < or > then @) b) a column with the order count numbers on the order view since you already have the variables (Now we try to run the mouse over every customer to see "orders in the last 12 m" there it is ) it should not to complicated for you only have to be in the todo list :')
First-timer (legacy)
Here are some more ideas about this request. When we would have a rule variable that is checking if a customer is returning a special time let say the 10. order with us we can send him a mail to thank him to make this a special occasion and reward him. or at the 9. to give him a special discount on the 10 order etc. also would it be nice to see the customers returning quote on the packing slip so that we know when we packing the goods to put in special items....
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, let's get this one done finally.
First-timer (legacy)
i'm looking for this also, just want to be able to tag orders that are by a repeat buyer. As i know it's already tracked as they show up in reports.
First-timer (legacy)
We would us this feature to identify new customers and tag them so we can include targeted promotional material in their orders.
New Contributor
Can we get the gears spinning again here? This pretty crucial to many of us. This can't be too hard as you are already tracking this since it is graphed on hover, which seems so be a much more complex feature. Thank you!
First-timer (legacy)
I'm looking for an Analytics feature that would quickly tell you what % of your customers are repeat customers, and with what frequency they're purchasing. This would be SO helpful!