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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
Track Customer Order Frequency. Have the ability to place rules, report on the number of orders a customer has placed. For example: Joe has placed 3 orders, he receives a free gift. Adding a step to that, the frequency a particular item/sku gets ordered.
First-timer (legacy)
As a simple first step, what if you just created a couple of [variables] we could use in our label templates? I would love to print things like [past_spend] or [customer_percentile] right in the margin of the shipping label half of our label pages (we use the pages with the perforated sticker label on one half and the packing slip on the bottom half. It would be simple to print some helpful information into the PDF right above that fold part, so we can see these details when we pick orders but those details will not be printed onto anything that goes to the customer since we tear that top half of the page off after we remove the shipping label sticker. We are going to start using a different e-commerce system that can populate the custom_field1 2 and 3 fields just so we can get this feature, but if it's already being "looked up" when we hover over fields, I just wish we had a few more template [variables] to use that could solve this for us without requiring much in the way of UI changes... Thanks!
First-timer (legacy)
YES I NEED THIS! Even a simple star or similar icon next to the buyer name would be sufficient. Maybe with a hover to indicate how many times they've ordered.
Seeing as how the info for repeat customers already exists I cannot imagine it would be too difficult to implement a sorting feature or a tag for someone who has ordered previously. A lot of people have some very specific ideas on how to use this potential feature set, but all I'm looking for is a quick and easy way to identify repeat customers without having to hover over their name.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be very helpful if on the Awaiting Shipment page, a column option could be added to the "Columns" drop down menu for "Frequency" or "Orders" so one could see at a glance if a customer is new or returning. The information is currently being collected and can be seen if one runs a report from: Insights tab > Reports > Raw Data Export > Customers. It would just be very convenient to see it on the shipments screen.
First-timer (legacy)
We would like to give our first-time customers a little gift within their shipment. We need a way for ShipStation to flag a customer as a "First Time Purchaser" at our website.
First-timer (legacy)
I would love love LOVE to have a way to track new customers. So every month I get a list of new customers who have ordered and maybe what they order as well.
First-timer (legacy)
Why havent you guys moved on this to create a column to just put a star next to an order to indicate there are previous orders from that customer. Having to hover over the name is a paid in the butt.
First-timer (legacy)
PLEASE ADD THIS - this would bypass our automation by flow if the customer is a repeater.. plus help us to determine which gift to add to order.
what's the status on this? We really need this awesome feature!
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, this would be a great feature! Both a number indicator in the open orders list for the number of orders placed (perhaps next to the customer name or in a column of its own), as well as an option to filter and create rules for our repeat customers based off of the number of purchases in a timeframe. You almost have it with feature that shows customer sales history by hovering over the customer name. To have this more readily visible and filterable would be awesome! We would love to have the tools to show our customers who come back how much we appreciate them. Thanks