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Status: Under Review
I have two UPS accounts set up in ShipStation. When I ship out something on a specific UPS account, and it needs to be returned, I would like to be able to create a return label on that same account. However, ShipStation only let's me create return labels on the primary account. So if I ship labels on a secondary UPS account, the only way to print a return label on that secondary account is to temporarily edit the global settings to make it the primary UPS account, then switch it back after I print my return label. I would prefer that ShipStation use the same account that the original shipment was sent on, or for it to give me the choice of which account to use when I create the return label. We have different negotiate rates on each account, and it does come down to $$'s saved depending on where the package is going, and which account is used.
First-timer (legacy)
YES!!! THIS IS A MUST!!!!!!!
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I agree. Hugely inconvenient and I can't imagine it is much work to implement. It should default to the same account that the order was shipped with, as well as allowing for selection.
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This is remarkable that you have known about this for over a year and not fixed it. This is not an enhancement but a bug with your process. If you have multiple accounts you HAVE TO have the ability to select what account that you want to use. You have that ability on the front end when creating a shipping label, there is no reason to not use the EXACT same mindset when setting up how to create a return tag. This should have been fixed a long time ago and is greatly overdue. Please fix this now!
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Same for Fedex. It would be extremely helpful to have the cheapest fedex account in order to create a return label. At the very least, choosing the account at the return screen would help which currently cannot be done unless you change the global settings back and forth(not feasible) like stated by Mark above.
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This is a real issue for my accounting departments. They manage costs to the penny to ensure profitability of E-commerce. We are preparing to make a huge push in our sales strategy, and with that we anticipate a proportional increase in returns. I am managing 2 stores, with completely separate customer base, and unique shipping accounts. Why would you create a platform that allows you to separate multiple stores, and then stop at a function that directly impacts the most important aspect $$$$
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Still looking for this to happen in 2020!
Status changed to: Under Review