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Until just recently, when we split an order, we could make the new split order a "dash one" and "dash two" and so forth. For example, Order #12345 needs to be split because we have part of the order available for shipment and the other half is waiting for stock to arrive on-site. In the past, we could split that order and have Order #12345 which ships now and Order #12345-1 which ships later. That also helped our accounting department bill each shipment appropriately because of their differentiating order #s.

This new order screen layout has completely taken away that ability and that has dramatically and negatively affected our business. Now all shipments in that split order have the same order # but they don't have the same weights, the same # of units, the same shipping cost, etc. We can't bill based on order # now unless we manually differentiate the order #s before running them through our billing software. What an absolute pain!

This also complicates when a customer calls about a shipment. They're going to provide us an order # and then we're going to have to figure out which of the splits on that order they're actually seeking info for. Not so hard when an order is split into two. But we often split orders into upwards of 7 shipments. Now we'll have to open each of those splits to find the info the customer is seeking. Again, what an absolute pain!

Why in the world would you eliminate that function????? This new screen is NOT an improvement at all.