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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
By using eBay's OLD sales record number instead of the CURRENT order number eBay implemented in AUGUST 2019 (9 months ago!), ShipStation is causing customer teams to waste time and create errors by having to do these steps to reach the Print Shipping Label functionality in eBay for EVERY order that is processed: 1) scroll up to the top of the SS Order Details page to read and memorize or copy/paste the eBay userid 2) click eBay OLD sales invoice number at top of SS Order Details page to open the eBay tab 3) click item title in eB 4) click View Purchase History in eB 5) search for the eBay userid in eB 6) click Print Shipping label in eB ShipStation should instead implement eBay's CURRENT order number so the human usability for customer teams becomes MUCH FASTER and LESS ERROR PRONE, namely: 1) click eBay CUrrent order number at top of SS Order Details page to open the eBay tab 2) click Print Shipping label in eB With gratitude, peace, joy, and love
First-timer (legacy)
The eBay order # format has recently changed. This means the Order# in ShipStation does not match the actual order ID from eBay. Integrations we have in place have since broken because of this mismatch. I would like the Order # from the eBay API to match the order # in ShipStation instead of being a sequential number like it is now.
First-timer (legacy)
eBay now has its own order number, how can i change it on shipstation? I just want to import the same order number from eBay to Shipstation, like how Amazon or Walmart ... is there any way to do it?
First-timer (legacy)
Since eBay has introduced order numbers, it would be really swell if Shipstation was able to use eBay order numbers as order numbers. At least give us an option to use them or not. eBay seems pretty excited about those order numbers, so I'm guessing they are here to stay.
First-timer (legacy)
Presently Shipstation populates order numbers with an alias number (starting at 100 and incrementing by 1 for each order). When will shipstation download the original order # from Ebay and populate the order with it? I was told a few months ago it was in the works.
ebay starts to use Order Number to identify their orders instead of Sales Record number. We would like ShipStation to import eBay orders using the Order Number as well to be consistent with eBay. Otherwise, it causes confusion and customer service issue.
First-timer (legacy)
eBay New Order Numbering Format - when will the eBay integration fix the new order numbering sytle?
New Contributor
In 2019 (summer) eBay deployed a customer facing order number (NOT Order ID) in the following format: 12-12345-12345. When providing assistance to customers who call in or email us directly, customers do not have access to the sales record number associated with their order and provide us this ebay order number. We currently have no means of using this number to look up their purchase in shipstation to see order notes and details. This creates an issue while the customer waits on the phone with us or causes many back and forth emails if customer's name has changed (gifted item or marriage) or has a new email address. In these situations, we must jump through hoops to locate customer's order in ebay (we manage multiple ebay stores so we have to search multiple times for each piece of alternate criteria customer can provide) Once the order is finally located in one of our ebay stores, we then have to pull the sales record number from ebay, and only then are we able to locate and open the order details in shipstation so we can help the customer. Similar situations are also encountered if we recieve a returned item and need to issue a refund, so lack of being able to search this number is a definite pain point. We have now discovered that all orders on ebay appear to be retroactively assigned ebay order numbers to them, even if all customer had was the sales record number previously. The sales record number is now behaving on ebay as if it is "internal use only" to the specific ebay store and is virtually useless unless customer happens to write it down after we provide it to them. Please import the customer facing ebay order number somewhere searchable (anywhere searchable, really). It will really save us an enormous headache.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi It is ridiculous that shipstation does not support the new ebay order format and we can not search by ebay order number This is essential and needs sorting I am having to fill out feedback whereas this needs to be an urgent requirement
Occasional Contributor
Please make this an option, so users can decide if they want their eBay order ID to reflect the Sales Record Number or the new eBay Order Number. We'd like to use the eBay order number, since that is what customers see, and it would make it easier for us to look up orders in ShipStation, both manually and with the API.
First-timer (legacy)
Any update on when this will be available for existing customers, we really need this soon. I did the migration steps I found in your documentation but still getting the sales record instead of the order number.