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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
By using eBay's OLD sales record number instead of the CURRENT order number eBay implemented in AUGUST 2019 (9 months ago!), ShipStation is causing customer teams to waste time and create errors by having to do these steps to reach the Print Shipping Label functionality in eBay for EVERY order that is processed: 1) scroll up to the top of the SS Order Details page to read and memorize or copy/paste the eBay userid 2) click eBay OLD sales invoice number at top of SS Order Details page to open the eBay tab 3) click item title in eB 4) click View Purchase History in eB 5) search for the eBay userid in eB 6) click Print Shipping label in eB ShipStation should instead implement eBay's CURRENT order number so the human usability for customer teams becomes MUCH FASTER and LESS ERROR PRONE, namely: 1) click eBay CUrrent order number at top of SS Order Details page to open the eBay tab 2) click Print Shipping label in eB With gratitude, peace, joy, and love
Anything, SHIPSTATION support team?
First-timer (legacy)
While I understand the need to have brought over the eBay unique identifying number (Order Number) the fact that the Sales Record Number (despite not being unique) is still extremely useful to have across all integrations, even if it is not visible to the customer. For instance, we still use this 'legacy' number that eBay does still assign in a certain field because it is sequential, especially in internal reports.
First-timer (legacy)
is this why clicking on the order number no longer brings up the order in ebay, but instead gives this ebay error message?: "Order Service temporarily unavailable or invalid parameters in the request URL." This is super annoying and time-wasting. Will this be resolved???
First-timer (legacy)
Sales Record Number is useful to avoid to memorize and be aware about consecutive orders, please at least leave it in the fields, we use it for our bar codes and other internal stuff, please do not just erase it, many sellers like me prefer to use the sales record number instead of 2394823904829084-21341280938419203841 ridiculous numbers, please make it optional or do not totally delete it.
First-timer (legacy)
Ship station team only contact you to ask you to pay if you stop, but never to help, I guess we should not be expecting an answer here , every time I open a ticket "they need to send it to an elevated supervisor" then never reply back or let the ticket open for weeks and only answer something as "we are working in a solution" but you can wait for weeks without an answer, Oh!, but stop a monthly payment and they remember you exist., I will not say the name but planing to move to other tool soon...