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In the ShipStation Order Details there are two dates available, "Order Date" and "Paid Date." I am seeing that the Order Date is coming through fine, but the Paid Date is always the same as the Order Date. I was thinking that the Paid Date should be when the order in our system is updated to ShipStations "Paid Status", but it is not. I had an order that was placed weeks ago, and just updated to the Paid Status yesterday. In the Order Details, the Paid Date was the same as the original date that the order was placed in our system. When I contacted support, I was told that the Paid Date is not available in the Custom Store integration. It would be very helpful to have both the date the order was placed, and the date the order was paid and available to ship. This gives a much better view of the time the customer is waiting for the shipment to go out.
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