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I've been struggling to find a way to utilize Shipstations branded tracking URLs with our email marketing platform Klaviyo to send the links to customers, outside of the Shipstation tracking emails.


I think this would be an enormous value-add for Shipstation users, that already have access to branded tracking, but would rather use their own email marketing platforms to send the emails out.


The integration with Klaviyo doesnt even pass back tracking information, only that the action of Order Shipped has occurred. Which really isnt very useful at all. These actions cant even be used to trigger an email to send the tracking number, since that info is not shared. 


With more companies like Narvar and Malomo charging upwards of $200 for a branded tracking page, which shipstation includes for free, its unfortunate that it falls short in how it can ever really be utilized. We do not want to use shipstation to send the emails, simply to share that branded tracking URL with the integrations that already exist.


If someone has been able to figure this out using an API or some other way, I would love to hear how it was implemented.


Hoping to see this feature rolled out soon! Major selling feature for Shipstation thats just not what businesses can utilize.


*Would also love to be able to add a simple image banner to the branded tracking page for marketing. Not sure how that was overlooked as well.



Tracking number IS shared to Klaviyo with the Shipstation integration. But still not the branded tracking URL


@nogu-luca I'm trying to do the same thing. Have you been able to find a work-around for this?


@nogu-luca I was thinking that if I could get the url for our stores branded tracking page on shipstation, I would assume that the unique url for each order would only differ in the "tracking #". So if I could take that url, implement a variable placeholder, using the api call for the tracking number, I could embed that url into our shipping emails and it would change for each customer. 

New Contributor

Hello, did anyone work this out?

Very little docs on this