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Status: New

Can we please bring back and adjust the following features:

1. Please bring back voided/crossed out labels back into the Order View (when opening an order, seeing shipped, return, and voided labels all in one place). Having to go through different screens (Shipments > Returns > Voided) is a nightmare, and will definitely cause some communication issues for our team.


2. Please bring back the ability to exit Order View without having to click X.


3. Please move or remove the Create a New Shipment button - it is right next to the X that we need to click to exit the order, and has been accidentally clicked more than once, creating the potential for duplicate orders to be shipped if you don't realize and immediately cancel the order.


4. Please create a way to opt in or out of certain views or features like the ones listed above. I understand seeing voided labels can clog up the Shipments box, but removing it when your entire team of 7 is used to seeing it and relies on it being there is catastrophic. Users of the system should have the option to choose whether voided labels are visible or not in the order view.


Thanks for your time!