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Status: Investigating
SS discovers the address type through verification. But if verification doesnt work (international or brand new domestic location for instance) then Fedex shipping will default to commercial. This causes problems because ISR is not a valid signature option for commercial delivery. Also residential delivery uses the Fedex Home service not Fedex Ground. These services have different rates, schedules, and delivery options. If you create a shipment on there is a checkbox there to allow you to declare the address as residential. SS needs the same capability.
First-timer (legacy)
The same thing with UPS. Sometimes the address is incorrectly flagged as a residential address. Then you get a rate that is significantly higher than as if it was commercial. I've caught a few packages going to known commercial address that were flagged as residential. In UPS worldship, these same address come up as commercial.
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Agreed. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE!!! Its affecting our business since we cannot use indirect signature because of this
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'+1 on this. The issue we experience is mostly with UPS. The address type defaults to Commercial if the address cannot be verified or is international. This causes additional charges on our UPS bill for correction to Residential, which in turn, caused some profit loss.
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We definitely need this option!!!
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Yes!! We definitely need this option as well. Please give this a high priority!!
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Hi, it would be great to have this feature. UPS have explicitely told us to mark each and every order as commercial in order to get the best rates from them, even if it is a residential address. This is UPS's recommendation and we are being charged hundereds every week because we are unable to manually mark addresses as commercial, or better yet set up a rule to mark all orders as commercial addresses... in the UPS shipping page we can do this, but not on shipstation.
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Marking a residential customer as commercial means seeing a lower price but receiving a larger bill. Especially for international orders. I just notice I can't rely on shipstation to help price internatinal packages. Developers, it's nice that your able to verify addresses in advance for us. But we need an override for international pacakges. The difference between commercial or residential is huge.
New Contributor
Agreed. Have had problems with this several time. We also need to be able to update/fix addresses that Shipstation has adjusted by verification. I have had several address correction fees and late deliveries becuase Shipstation over rode the imported address, and the over ride was not correct. Then you are not able to adjust of fix this address for future shipments, so it continues to happen, if that same customer orders again.
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We've had numerous instances where shipstation will classify an address as a business when it is really residential when dealing with apartment addresses. If nothing else being able to set a default address type for addresses that can't be validated would be nice. We would lose far less money on shipments by globally paying the residential surcharge than having the administrative fee levied on us by UPS and FedEx for updating the address type on their end.

We import lists of orders to batch ship with FedEx. Within the same batch some shipments are marked as residential and others are not. Our FedEx rep told us to mark all shipments as commercial to avoid shipping delays for our Express 2 Day one rate shipments. There is not an option on the automation rules to override residential or commercial settings.


We need this feature.