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Hi Shipstation, 

We'd like Shipstation to notify our marketplace (Woocommerce) when orders have been delivered.

Right now it notifies them (and changes order status to "Complete) when shipments are sent.

We just want the one extra step to notify them when shipments are Delivered (it could set the order status to Delivered, or set a flag some other way).

From this we can then trigger actions (such as emails) from the marketplace based on the customers receiving their orders.



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I suspect we'll have human's living on Mars before this gets implemented. Users have been asking for this very basic webhook FOR YEARS and SS couldn't care less. If you're trying to automate a precise workflow you won't get any help from them. It's shocking how much time and mental energy I've wasted on this issue. I'm sure the real reason they are completely silent on this problem is because of some closed-door agreements with their integration partners, so their customers have to subscribe to another superfluous 3rd party dev. It's incredibly frustrating and underhanded.