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We would love to be able to "add custom packages" when you go to the "+" to add multiple packages rather than having to enter the size of each Package from Package 2 onwards it would save a lot of time to select from our preset custom package sizes rather than "add package" or "add 5 packages" of which we need to then enter each size.


The "New Package Set" doesn't work in the same way as our combination of box types change every-time, however 90% of our shipments have more than one package. 


This would save us so much time if we could have a button to "add custom package" then choose from our preset options. 


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I was just looking to see if I could do this today.  We regularly send out orders with multiple boxes of different sizes, and having to enter the dimensions for each box is cumbersome.  Being able to choose our box size from the drop down menu would be incredibly helpful.