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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Customs 2014: Combine all requests for fixes (actually government requirements) to Customs forms (both Commercial Invoices and the 3 possible Certificate of Origins) so that they are completely system generated within ShipStation. currently there are about a dozen different requests to all focused on the incomplete customs forms generated out of SS. if you cant API to our existing complete and customs compliant forms from FedEx or UPS, please allow us a template to merge out SS shipping info onto. for any export orders over $2600, the failure of SS to go out to to get and print the required Electronic Export Information (EEI) requires us and others to leave SS and login into FedEx/UPS/etc and use their systems to get the complete shipping paperwork generated.... please gather up all the Customs forms requests into one omnibus request for internal fulfillment or API to the established solutions we all been using as workarounds - thanks
First-timer (legacy)
We need to add broker information for our customers on the commercial invoice and change currency from US to CAN. There isn't anyplace to customize the form. Even is we could upload our CI form to replace the one that is auto generated would be better. The one auto generated is causing issues for our customer.
Status changed to: Under Review