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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Our outgoing shipments are about 8 ounces heavier than the return shipment. Am loving the convenience of the auto-generated return labels to bother manually correcting the weight on the return labels, but would love a feature that allowed me to set the weight of the return shipment to a different amount (in our case, "outgoing weight-8oz").
First-timer (legacy)
I completely endorse this request. We are in the exact same position - our return shipments weigh much less than outgoing shipments. Because we can't adjust the return label weight, we end up paying more than we should for the return shipment.
First-timer (legacy)
We sell dresses and encourage customers to order 2 sizes and return one at no charge. I just learned we are paying the same weight on the return as whatever was specified on the outbound. When I contacted our UPS rep to ask her advice, she said "The best way to be sure you get billed the correct amount would be to put 1 lb. on all your return labels. When they are shipped back, you will get billed for the actual weight or the dimensional package weight, whichever is higher." It seems like ANY partial return currently creates an overpayment on return freight so I would think ALL Shipstation users would love this feature to be added. The alternative is to sacrifice customer convenience and have them manually request a return label for the specific items. Seems like a bad alternative.
First-timer (legacy)
I would also like to endorse this request! There are so many use cases where this makes sense. Including Stephen's below there are: any sort of repair or service shop like ourselves who receive products back from customers, or anyone who has multiple orders returned from one customer and they want to do it with one package/ label. In general, try-before-you-buy is an emerging model, if you look at Warby Parker, their real innovation was shipping customers three pairs of their glasses to try and then send the ones they did not want back. If you need anyone to help beta/ test the feature I would be happy to guinea pig!!
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to endorse this request 150%. Our company makes custom products that are necessarily 3-way shipping all around, which means something like this would be used 100% of the time for all our orders as part of our workflow. This would be a lifesaver and seems like a simple spec to custom code. PLEASE implement!!
First-timer (legacy)
I would like to 100% endorse this request!! This is very critical to our business as all our products require returns as part of a 3 way shipping process.It seems like there has been no update since 2014 which is unfortunate yet is such a simple feature addition to implement.
Status changed to: Under Review
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Also very interested in this!!