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Status: Under Review
Customs 2014: Combine all requests for fixes (actually government requirements) to Customs forms (both Commercial Invoices and the 3 possible Certificate of Origins) so that they are completely system generated within ShipStation. currently there are about a dozen different requests to all focused on the incomplete customs forms generated out of SS. if you cant API to our existing complete and customs compliant forms from FedEx or UPS, please allow us a template to merge out SS shipping info onto. for any export orders over $2600, the failure of SS to go out to to get and print the required Electronic Export Information (EEI) requires us and others to leave SS and login into FedEx/UPS/etc and use their systems to get the complete shipping paperwork generated.... please gather up all the Customs forms requests into one omnibus request for internal fulfillment or API to the established solutions we all been using as workarounds - thanks
First-timer (legacy)
I've been using a customized packing slip for invoicing for the past week, and it's OK. I thought that custom packing slips were only available to Silver plan users, but it's working for me during my trial. I think this is a fundamental need that should be available to Bronze users. About 50-60% of my shipments are international. Many, many of them run into customs delays of some kind, but one rarely ever finds out exactly what the problem was, so one does everything one can to provide everything that they might possibly want to see. Even with invoices enclosed in the document pouch, my customers very frequently email me requesting an invoice, saying that customs needs it - maybe they want to compare with the ones in the package.
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Thank you for that info, @Julia. We'll do some independent research outside of the comments you and everyone else has left us here and we'll update you here when we have more info.
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Please either give us access to the USPS customs forms that are transmitted electronically, or give us a better option for creating our own commercial invoices.
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I've been looking into the technical side of this to see if we can get the appropriate information to print on the packing slip through custom fields or if there are other options to get the custsoms forms for USPS so we can include them within the shipped materials. So far I can't find any information or options. How can we get the customs information for USPS in the same way we get the information for DHL or other shippers?
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Please get this suggestion implemented. Some countries are denying the standard customs invoice, instead they want to see something with our logo and contact details on it. Also the ability to file the EEI for orders over $2,600 is a must.
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Just started using DHL and realized that ShipStation doens't have any form of Commercial Invoice. What?? Something as basic and necessary as that is missing? Is there a workaround? Some type of customized Packing List? Anything to keep me from having to take an additional 20 minutes on each DHL shipment.
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Ship Station should really have the capability to create EEI forms so we do not have to leave Ship Station and go to Fedex to create the EEI.
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'@James - You can find all of your customs form in the same place. Here's where you can find them: If you don't see them on the shipments grid, please chat in with our folks here or send an email to and we'll get things squared away. @Erica - Thanks for echoing the overall challenge here! We're still looking into this and will update you when we have an update.
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Any Update on this issue? Our company is on a 30 day trial and might not continue if SED/EEI isn't supported. An acceptable work around would be the ability to fill out the required SED form in ShipStation. Thanks, David Siau - Benchmark Media Systems, Inc.
First-timer (legacy)
Why cant we fill out our own commercial invoices? I have gone into settings and checked the enter manually option under international shipments but I am not given the opportunity to do so instead it is automatically generated and printed in an unacceptable manner. I have made two recent international shipments that were instructed to charge any duty or tax to FedEx account number both are being held up in their respective countries due to incomplete commercial invoices. Is there a way to edit the commercial invoices automatically generated on SS? Is it possible to fill out commercial invoices myself? How can I un-check the relation to parties "not related" box? How can I retroactively update commercial invoices that are deemed incomplete once the package is held in customs in another country, before they return to sender? (currently in this situation now)