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Looking for a way to bulk upload orders to a batch---i export my orders, then organize them in the spread sheet, and i want to batch them based on how i sorted in in my spread sheet. I can not find a way to do that in shipstation.

it would be great the scan to batch feature allowed us to copy and paste multiple order id's at once- or if we can import via csv orders with batch id's to batch in bulk.

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Hi, instead of using CSV export, can you use the filter bar to isolate those orders then select all and add to batch? How are you sorting that sheet?

Hey there @eFlashLogistics


That's a terrific question! @JM_Group, hopefully this can help out 🙂 

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I am also finding that this would be a MAJOR time saver. If we could either create a filter to include a specific list of orders or instead of scanning to batch we could just paste in a list and add to batch. Skuvault has this option and I included a screen shot of how they do it. You can still scan them in but you can also just paste in a list. Screen Shot 2023-08-21 at 11.29.11 AM.png