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When you are in the Order screen and click on the calculator, it only shows the package rate.  It does not show any Flat Rate or Regional Rate options, even though we have those enabled in our account and though it worked fine in the Legacy version.  How do we see all the rates?  The Rate Browser calculator at the top of the page used to generate a rate for a generic package does show all of the rates, because there is an All Package Types option.  That doesn't appear on the calculator associates with an actual order.


I opened a ticket on this issue, and it appears that they do not see it as a problem to be resolved.  I was told to submit my "idea" as an improvement.  We print out our shipping labels before packing orders, and if an order can go in different type boxes, we of course want to use the one with the cheapest rate.  We used to be able to compare rates easily, and now we have to load each rate individually, which takes far too much time.  If we aren't able to go back to the legacy version, we'll be forced to find an alternative.

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I've had a bunch of back and forth with ShipStation about this but I still haven't gotten a response that leads me to believe that they even understand what I'm talking about. As it stands, the new shipping calculator has zero functionality for me. I really don't understand what it's even supposed to do for me now. If they indeed do understand and think it's fine, I really want to know why. 


@tony11 I've sent them screen shots, and they understand.  I've also tried to explain how inconvenient it is now that the calculator no longer works properly.  I was advised to submit my request to fix what used to work as a new idea.

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