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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Add Print tag automatically after printing a packing slip. this way orders can't get picked twice or packed twice
Occasional Contributor
When you click print... it should automatically check the box and mark the order(s) as printed. So many times we've printed duplicates. Something as simple as looking away for a second or getting a phone call and you could miss the sent to printer popup or just need a way to check if an order has printed already. We have to call over to the warehouse and have someone go over to the printer to confirm there are no duplicates were sent almost every other day. Should be if you click print... it marks it as printed automatically. If items don't get scanned by the next day there should be a notification or section to see which orders haven't been scanned which will tell you if they printed ok or not too.

This feature would make life very easy!