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Status: Completed
Scan barcode to print shipping label This is a production line workflow. We create our shipments via your API ahead of time. So on a given Monday we might have 1,000 shipments already set up that are shipping throughout the week. This is what we want to do: - Create a barcode associated with each shipping label - We print barcodes and place on each box on our production line - Person scans barcode which automatically finds its matching shipping label and automatically prints the shipping label It's critical that no clicking or keyboard shortcuts would be required. We need the act of scanning the barcode to be the only thing required with the result being the correct shipping label printed. As far as I can tell, your software already has all the pieces you'd need to do this pretty easily. It's just a matter of connecting the dots and enabling it as a feature. This is definitely more of a production line automation, and I bet it would be valuable to customers doing higher volumes.
We need the same capability. Currently, users have to: - mouse into the search box to set the focus - scan the barcode - click on an item in the search results to view the order We would like to be able to: - scan a barcode without mousing to an input - perform a search (as you don now) - if there is only one item in the search results then display the order details dialog We tried using Ctrl-Shift-S (Barcode Scan Search) but the subsequent dialog does not support scanning barcodes to apply presets (Barcode Scan Actions). Since this feature is much loved, it was not a worthwhile tradeoff. For us, fixing this would be an option as well.
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I know this doesn't fully answer your need, but the keystroke "p" will print a label. That can be encoded into a barcode and put in a convenient place on the workstation. Then you scan the box barcode followed by the print barcode. It's two scans but at least the operator doesn't have to put the scanner down for it.


Here's a page where you can enter the letter "p" and it will generate a code 128 barcode for it.


We do something similar for selecting box sizes, getting the scale weight, printing, etc. We use QR codes on stickers since our scanners can handle them and they scan very reliably.