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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Investigating
We have barcodes assigned to our items that do come into shipstation with out integration. But they aren't being utilized in shipstation. It would be great to have the ability to print those barcode UPC/GTIN's onto picking sheets, packing slips. It would be even more beneficial to be able to set orders to print barcodes to a thermal printer so we can put it on packages. This goes hand in hand with Amazon's barcode needs for Fullfillment, internal manufacturing. As an example, we're a on demand product producer. We make the product the day after it's ordered. So being able to print the barcode stickers for all the items in a shipment at the same time as the label is printed, helps us organize and fulfill faster. I would imagine a printing option to go like, First package prints label and then barcodes. Then next package and barcodes, etc: Label_1 + UPC_1A +UPC_1B + UPC_1C Label_2 + UPC_2A, Label_3 + UPC_3A + UPC_3B
First-timer (legacy)
It would be very beneficial to be able to include a barcode for each order on a pick list. For example, a barcode that contains an item number. Creating custom barcodes can be done on a packing slip. Can this technology also be available for pick lists?
First-timer (legacy)
We use the barcode field in Shopify to store the warehouse location of our items. It would be very helpful to have this information transfer automatically for new items.
First-timer (legacy)
Customizable picking sheets would be a HUGE plus! The ability to add barcodes, thumbnails, customer notes just like we can customize packing slips will greatly enhance productivity.
First-timer (legacy)
highly agreed
New Contributor
If Shipstation would allow me to add a label to each item in an order and allow me to customize that label I could manage most of my production using just Shipstation. For example if I sell a wallet and a shirt in an order, the wallet and shirt would each have a label that I could print out and stick to the item during production. The label could include: Total number of items in the order (Item 1/1, Item 1/3, etc), buyer name, sku number, order number etc etc. This would allow me to use shipstation as production software as well as shipping software. Sample label attached.
First-timer (legacy)
I was able to add UPC to the packing slip but need to be able to do the same to the pick list. Scan to Verify is a great idea but it would help greatly if the picker can verify the barcode at the time of picking.
New Contributor
I like the idea in generell would widen the usage of shiphstation as workflow tool
Status changed to: Investigating