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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Because this original request I made for this was closed when an unrelated feature was introduced, I'm creating a new one. I would very much like to be able to have the automation in ShipStation be able to print. This would allow me to have it automatically print all new orders that have downloaded, so that warehouse personnel know an order has come in when the printer starts spitting out packing slips. This is something we're used to having in a different product we switched from to ShipStation and it's the main thing we miss. With printing being done through ShipStation Connect now, this should be entirely possible too. The other thing that would have be added is another feature that ShipStation really does need anyway: an indication of some kind that an order has already been printed. This would allow automation to "print all unprinted orders" as well as greatly reduce the possibility of orders being double-packed when more than 1 person is working shipping. We've had this happen multiple times simply because there's no good way to tell when an order has already been printed right now. Thank you!!
First-timer (legacy)
We have a need to be able to print a shipping label and TWO invoices for each order. We currently have the shipping label and the invoice on one piece of paper but we need the shipping label and two invoices (without having to go back into orders and print them individually or bulk).
New Contributor
We currently run our online store with live inventory from our retail store and though we do set buffer quantities to try to avoid selling the same product in-store and online, we've run into a few cases where items have sold out in-store before the Internet Sales team was able to pick the online orders. We would like to be able to solve this problem by having packing slips automatically print on import from our BigCommerce store. We would like to buy a wireless printer and set it behind one of our registers where an employee is constantly at, so at all times of day when an order is placed and imported to ShipStation, the Packing Slip prints and our employee can then grab the item and set it aside. We can't be the only store that has this problem and no one seems to have a solution on any app nor does BigCommerce have any suggested solution. This would be AMAZING for ShipStation to implement.
First-timer (legacy)
I was under the impression this was already possible when I signed up for ShipStation. Is it not? All order should live print labels and packing slips as they come in, that's what automation is.
First-timer (legacy)
I have been searching for a way to auto-print new orders. Day or night, as they come in. Printers are always online. Many of our products could also have their shipping labels printed automatically using existing automation rules. Just give me a "print packing slip" and "print shipping label" action. We have all our printers connected through shipstation connect already, this should be cake!
First-timer (legacy)
In Automation rules add print label, print packing slip. Boom
First-timer (legacy)
I think it would be a cool idea if ShipStation had an automation rule that automatically printed off the set packing slip template for every order that pulls into shipstation after you hit the refresh button. This would make it so we didn't have to use the packing slip from our inventory software to search for our orders on shipstation, and would intern save us time. We plan on using the ShipStation packing slip in label for (4x6) to easily place the packing slip on the outside of the package and use the new Scan to Print feature introduced by ShipStation. What do you guys think of this idea?
First-timer (legacy)
'@Kenneth Brown "In Automation rules add print label, print packing slip. Boom" Exactly! This is what we need. ShipRush offers this.
First-timer (legacy)
We would also love to see this customizable for any document (aka, we would like to auto-print the order summary for each order as it comes in).
Occasional Contributor
This is a great idea! I really like the automation rule idea. We would use this. That way when we show up at work in the morning, our orders from overnight would already be sitting on the printer and every time a new order was imported, it would be printed. I'm out of votes or I would give this idea 3. Jeff
First-timer (legacy)
We would appreciate an automation feature that marks a packing slip as "PRINTED" so we don't re-print and potentially ship out duplicate orders. We currently use Bright Pearl to print our packing lists because they have this feature. However, we would much prefer to use Shipstation so we can integrate other automation features around shipping. Inability to prevent duplicate packing notes is one of the biggest drawbacks of Shipstation.