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We are just setting up ShipStation to use in our process and we are finding that there are a few areas where we are currently unable to create an efficient process for our teams.


1. There currently is no efficient way to view and manage orders that have already been printed for packing - our process flow is set up with multiple teams, so one team will print the packing slips and pass them forward to the packing team.  Because we don't have a way to efficiently view and manage the printed packing slips, there is a huge concern from the team that in peak seasons, the risk is high that users may print the slips and forget to apply the tag, creating a situation where we cannot easily see if the packing slip was already printed.  This could end up being critical enough for them to reject this application as a viable solution.


2. We can see in the 'Shipments' section that IF ShipStation Connect was used to print the packing slip, it will show that has been printed, but this information is not compatible on the orders form, so it still does not resolve the issue for us


3. I was able to create a tag that we could use, but was not able to automate a print action based on the tag


Ultimately, I can see a few different options that could have worked for a solution, but all of them have at least one blocker that is preventing this from going through and all are directly related to not being able to efficiently see if a packing slip has been printed or not.  I did read quite a few requests for this option going back to as early as 2012.  It would be wonderful if we could get an answer on whether this is something that is being worked on with an ETA on completion, or a final answer if this is not something that will be developed so that we can make the best decision for our business moving forward.

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I agree that this is an essential feature that needs to be implemented ASAP. This and automatic printing of packing slips for new orders.


That said, there is already an idea from late 2021 that matches your idea. It has several upvotes on it, and it has been given an initial review by a mod. I would suggest upvoting and commenting on it, as consolidating our voices should give us the best chance at getting this feature implemented. 


You can find the idea suggesting a way to filter by "Packing List Printed" on the orders grid below:


You can also find an idea suggesting a way to automatically print packing slips for new orders below:


Please vote and comment on both of these ideas. Also, please share them if you find anyone else commenting on these features. 


Good luck!


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Please put "Packing Slip Printed" status column on Orders page.