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4x6 Label Issues Started Today


Starting today, when printing to 4x6 Shipping labels (with no changes to our configuration or drivers) labels are now starting 1in down the label and pushing over to a second label. We are also experiencing an issue where it will print an inch down the label and then continue to push additional blank labels out. 


- Dymo 4XL 

- Both Safari and Chrome (Mac Print Wizard) 

- Occurring in multiple locations and multiple OS versions


Was there a change in how labels are printed or configured? 


Is this happening to anyone else? 



I am having the same issue. Everything that I print through ShipStation is printing in pairs. 

Hey there @STATXADMI and HC2020, 


If you are still seeing this behavior, I would certainly recommend reaching out to our support team so that we can investigate directly with you! 


Especially considering the multiple locations and browsers that you mentioned, we absolutely want to take a live look at the account with you right away. 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!